Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have had to rethink the ways in which I can support women and families. I am continuing to offer a range of support through video calls, phone calls and WhatsApp messaging. This support is available for antenatal preparation, birth and postnatally.

Face-to-face contact will be limited to those clients who are opting for a home birth and feel that my physical attendance will be most useful to them. In this situation, I will take every precaution to ensure that my attendance poses as low a risk as possible.

In the case of virtual support, I would ask that clients pay what they can afford – I know that money may be very tight currently, so if you cannot afford to pay much, please consider whether you can support my business in any other way (E.g. writing a testimonial or sharing my promotional posts on social media).

I am a mentored Doula, which means that a very experienced Doula is behind the scenes ready to help me to successfully support you and your birthing/parenting decisions. If you become a client of mine, I will provide you with more information about the mentoring process.

As a mentored Doula; if you wish to book me to attend a birth, I am currently asking a fee of £800 plus expenses (e.g. fuel).

I am aware that the current situation is understandably causing additional anxiety in the run up to births and in the early postnatal period. However, I really want all women to know that they still deserve to have the right support and that their bodies and their babies are still ‘theirs’ to make informed decisions about and to have their views heard. I look forward to supporting you to have the most positive birth experience or postnatal period possible.

I am a ‘full-spectrum’ doula. The services listed above are not exhaustive. If the support you are looking for is not listed, please get in touch and have a chat about what support you feel you need for you or your family at this time.