Individualised service, which typically includes:
  • Two birth preparation visits.
  • Attendance throughout labour and birth; keeping in mind your preferences throughout the birth and empowering you to have a positive birthing experience.
  • Unlimited email, phone and ‘whatsapp’ support from the time of booking until baby/babies are 6 weeks old.
  • Liaison with your medical care-givers (if required).
  • 14 day (24/7) on call period which can be extended (generally begins at 38 weeks gestation, or earlier with multiples).
  • Practical support in the immediate postpartum period.
  • A postnatal visit to debrief your birth, admire your new family and see how you are all feeling.
  • Ensuring any older siblings are entertained, fed and cared-for (particularly relevant if you are planning on a home-birth).

Prior to booking, we will have an initial conversation, either over the phone, or in person, in which I will explore your expectations for the role and will provide you with an individualised quote. This quote is based on the requirements you specify, and payment plans can also be negotiated.

I am currently a mentored Doula, therefore, my mentored birth bookings will be offered at a significantly lower price, as there is a requirement that client’s information is shared with my mentor and that you provide feedback to my mentor after the birth. This is an important part of my ongoing development in this role and I would like to thank you in advance for your participation.